Endorsement by Matthew Lee Anderson


We are excited to share a really incredible review that THE conversation received last week from Matthew Lee Anderson, author of Earthen Vessels, Founder and writer for Mere Orthodoxy, with articles published in Christianity Today magazine and other publications:

“Many of the headline controversies the past decade about the meaning and significance of our bodies have, unfortunately, happened in an explicitly political key. 

I say 'unfortunately' because such a context allows us, as spectators, to distance ourselves from the underlying questions and ideas posed by the possibility of reconfiguring our mortal flesh in ways unimaginable to previous generations. The politicization of such events allows us to live in the delusion that we are not implicated, that we are not ourselves entangled already within the spirit of the age. 

But we are implicated. And we are all entangled in ways we do not realize. 

There is a great need for non-political, theologically grounded, pastorally and therapeutically sensitive reflection about the meaning and nature of bodily life. And there is an even greater need for such reflection that is attentive to the formation of our children. 

It is for that reason that I'm delighted to commend this ministry to you, which is run by two people who have thought extensively and deeply about such matters. Over the past five or so years, I have occasionally corresponded with Linda Noble and Linda Stewart about our society's crisis of embodiment. They were some of the most enthusiastic and receptive readers of my own modest effort to address such questions, and have worked diligently to understand these issues and present them in a compelling way. 

If you have a church or small group that wants to understand what is happening around us, how we are all entangled in it, and how we can form our lives more Christianly, contact them. They can help.”

Matthew posted this review on Facebook and it generated a lot of interest in our website! If you haven’t yet, “liked,” THE conversation Facebook page, please do and help us to get the word out.