Episode 15: Kids and Body Image, A Conversation with Dr. Josh + Christi Straub

NOTE: This episode was recorded by Dr. Josh and Christi Straub for their podcast, In This Together.

THE conversation was incredibly honored to join the In This Together podcast to discuss questions that Dr. Josh and Christi have received from parents about kids and body image struggles. In order to discover how parents can intentionally transform conversations about body image, THE conversation explores with Dr. Josh and Christi: the incalculable and unchanging value of the human person, the truth that the body reveals the person, and God’s intentional design of our body as life-giving and love-giving. If you haven’t listened to THE conversation’s earlier podcasts about the value of the human person and the body that also include helpful and practical ways to integrate these truths into the parenting of your children, consider listening to:

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