Why Male and Female? God What Were You Thinking?

Why Male and Female?  God What Were You Thinking?

What were you thinking? I have posed this question many times: when my 5 year old daughter decided to run up on the stage and stood next to the pastor giving his message because she couldn’t find her way back to our seat in the congregation, when my son decided as a young adult that it’s a great idea to practice front flips off of a beachside bluff, or when my husband decided to teach the cat to drink water from a glass on the kitchen counter. We all have those moments when we step back and wonder incredulously what was going on the in the mind of another when….!

We’ve been on a journey with Theology of the Body and THE conversation Workshop. In the beginning, God created us in His image and invited us to a life of flourishing in communion with Himself. In God’s original design, we were created as embodied persons. Contrary to commonly accepted opinion, our bodies are good and are the only way that we can be known and engage with others. Our bodies and our persons cannot be separated without hurting ourselves or others. Neither are our bodies an accessory that adds to or takes away from our ultimate value as persons. So having grasped all of this, we may stop and wonder, “Then why O God, did you make us humans with male and female parts? What were you thinking?”

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