How do I answer a child's questions about the choices of others regarding sexuality?

We always begin with the truth that God wants us to flourish!  This is the way that our workshop begins and the foundation we lay for our children before we begin to address topics regarding sexuality.  In our workshop we provide talking points and family discussions that can help you to establish confidence in God's goodness and His good direction for our lives in the minds and hearts of young people.  Learn more about our workshops here.

We all want the best and happiest kind of life.  A lot of people don’t know who they can trust to help them figure out how to be happy.  They make choices that might be different than ours because they are just doing the best they can to be happy.  

God loves us so much and really wants us to have the happiest and best kind of life.
God is also the smartest person in the universe. We know from the Bible that God created us and because He is so smart, He knows the best way for us to experience this happiest and best kind of life.  He gives us directions for our choices in the Bible. That is why we can be sure that we can trust Him to help us make our choices.

(Here you might want to insert your own personal example of how following God’s directions led you to make a happy choice.)

We can ask God to help us show our friends what a smart and loving God He is.  We hope that they will learn that they can trust Him to help them have the best and happiest kind of life too.