How do I respond to a very young child when asked, "What is sex?"

We’re going to answer this with a very young child in mind.  Answers for older children can be found in our workshop syllabus.  Many of the concepts introduced in the following explanation are explored more deeply in our workshop.  We also will provide lots of ideas for you as you help children interact with and integrate these concepts during our time together.  You can learn more here.

God created human beings in the very beginning as body-persons.  One important thing to know about body-persons is that our bodies speak.  Our bodies send messages to others without using words.  For example, if I look you in the eyes, smile and give you a hug, my body speaks a message that I love you.

When God created men and women in the beginning, HE planned that they would have a special kind of relationship that is different from every other.  He calls this relationship a marriage.  A marriage happens when the man and woman speak words that are a promise or vow to each other in front of God and the people who love them. They say this promise to each other and it sounds like, “I give myself freely, totally and only to you. I am becoming one with you until our lives are over.”

 And in this marriage relationship, the bodies of the husband and wife also speak very serious promises or vows to one another. They become close in a way that is very special for a husband and wife. Their bodies speak this message: “I give myself freely, totally and only to you.  I am becoming one with you until our lives are over.” 

This is God’s design for (or the special way that God created) sex.  When we trust God’s design , we will have the happiest and best kind of life.