A note from Dr. Sharon May (Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy, Master’s degree in Theology, and an AACC Marriage and Family board member)
"As I sit in your class, my heart is filled with so much joy. Your presentation is excellent, it is informative, but more than that it has heart and flows so very well. You are both so gifted and I feel God’s presence and blessing upon you. Your presentation is rich and I know is a blessing to those attending. God go before you both and expand your ministry.
Your biggest fan, Sharon”

Every parent or person working with youth longs for those children in their sphere of influence to flourish; we are all well aware that there is a conversation that is absolutely essential to flourishing. With fear and uncertainty, we make veiled references to “the talk” with our children that looms in our future, the one about the birds and the bees, about how babies are made, about sex. We are desperate to find a compelling yet practical approach to this challenge and to discover THE conversation.

Our WORKSHOP can give you the resources you need to help you talk with kids about God’s design for the body, relationships and sex. It's never too early to start this conversation and never too late to rediscover it. Parents and mentors of children from birth through adulthood will benefit and are invited to attend a workshop nearby or find out about hosting a workshop

Discover our RESOURCES to help you along the way. Listen to Podcasts as we share portions of our workshop content. Read our Blog articles. Get answers to your questions on our Q & A page. Download helpful resources to initiate Conversations.

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