Here's what people are saying about THE conversation workshop!

I chose to come to THE conversation Workshop today to get help for myself, my clients and kids in gaining a deep understanding and picture of God’s plan for our lives.  I loved the applicable conversation pieces and activities.

The new terminology I learned today was most helpful. THE conversation Workshop is an exciting, engaging, thought provoking look at how we communicate the value of our bodies to ourselves and our children.

This is a workshop that invites depth and a holistic approach to the body, love, relationships and God.  It was well worth the time!

The useful phrases that can help in conversation with people were most helpful for me today.  It is really good information for our culture that is really in need of help and understanding.

I have a daughter who is about to turn 13 and I need tools to talk with her about her body. 

This is worth your time.  I got some good tools to use when talking with my child.

I came today because I have a middle school boy.  Talking about identity and desires and how to navigate relationships, as well as the family discussion guides were most helpful for me.

The syllabus, resources and the table talk were most helpful for me today. I also realized the importance of the foundational concepts as essential to establish before having “the talk.”

I found it most helpful to learn how to talk to my kids about how to love like Jesus and how He loves them. I was given real, tangible tips and thoughtful ways to help our children flourish.

I came today to gain insight as to how to talk to my young kids who are starting to ask questions. The concept that God’s desire for us is to flourish, not just to follow the rules was most helpful for me today.

I came today because I needed direction for an important topic. It was most helpful for me to have it all spelled out clearly and to get to know others in the group who I can connect with in future conversations. Thank you for all your hard work. It was special.

I am a parent, grandparent and school district worker. My life revolves around kids!  I fully believe this is a GREAT seminar for our Generations leaders and volunteers.  This seminar is not just for a mom or dad.  We all have something to learn ourselves and to share with others.

I have two step kids and work in kids’ ministry. This workshop is great.  The whole thing was helpful. Don’t let the length of the event scare you off.

The concepts most helpful for me today were the framework created by the truths of the eternal exchange of love and the personalistic norm.  There is a bigger story to tell and much more to a conversation with kids than just “the talk.”

The syllabus with practical examples was most helpful.  This workshop is so important for teaching our children what it means to live a life of flourishing.

I came to the workshop so that I could understand these concepts better before talking with my children.

I came today as a divorced single mama of a 14 year old daughter.  I’m right in the middle of all of this stuff!  The table discussions were so helpful.  This workshop is not scary.  Don’t be afraid or intimidated to attend and participate.

I work with children in a public school and have a 5 year old grandaughter. I think this is an area our family struggles with, having brokenness in this area.  It was so helpful to understand the human body as a way that God shows us his ultimate goal for our love destination. I also have never thought about our bodies as having a language!  This workshop goes really fast!

The truths that the body reveals a person and the eternal exchange of love were most helpful for me today.  This workshop is an insightful deeper look into “the talk.”

I came today as a mother of 2 sons (2.5 years and 11 months).  I wanted to have more knowledge, words, information, language and understanding so that my husband and I could be on the same page and begin NOW living this for ourselves and THEN able to pass it on to the boys.  Thank you for giving us all of the slide notes in our syllabus. This workshop provided a practical life-giving applicable big vision story of love - God’s vision for how we relate to our bodies, ourselves, teaching our children and connecting the dots between relationship with God, others, our bodies, sex, marriage and so much more.  I walked away with specific talking points to open discussion in these areas with my kids (in ALL stages/ages of their lives) from 3 to adult.  This workshop not only equipped me as a parent, but challenges and empowers me in my walk with Christ.  I’m very excited to implement this curriculum.

This workshop is a beautiful vision to live into.  And it’s so much bigger and better than “do’s and don’ts”!  These materials are meant to be a starting point for more contemplation and integration.