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Seminar: Rediscovering God's Design for Love, Sex, and Relationships (Nashville, TN)

AACC 2019 Rise Up World Conference October 9-12, 2019

Opryland Hotel, Nashville, TN

Seminar Description: What do the body, relationships, and sex have to do with our clients’ flourishing? The answer is – everything. Yet, Christian counselors have not discovered an integrated conceptualization that provides a compelling way to discuss these sensitive topics with their clients. As a result, Christian men and women struggle with misunderstandings, confusion and unspoken questions. In this seminar we will introduce a clear-cut theology and therapeutic model for understanding the body, relationships and sex. This approach will result in a deepening of your clients’ sense of self, whether single or married, as well as the way they experience relationships with others. Join us and catch a vision for the body, relationships, and sex that invites your clients to flourish according to their design.


Learning Objectives: 

1.    Attendees will be able to define human flourishing, enabling them to positively grow clients’ view of self and others in private practice, church, and group settings.

2.    Participants will be able to identify prevailing thoughts and ideas about the body, relationships and sex that are destructive to the clients’ experience of love, sex and relationships. 

3.    Participants will study a theology of the body model in which to conceptualize a client’s view of his or her own and others’ bodies, sexuality and relationships.

4.    Attendees will be able to articulate new language and concepts that will practically inform the manner in which they engage with clients regarding presenting issues related to the love, sex, and relationships.

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