Workshop Objectives:

  1. Discover a vision of human flourishing as the driving motivation for choices.

  2. Identify prevailing thoughts and beliefs that are destructive to our lives.

  3. Empower and equip you for compelling age appropriate conversations with children regarding the body, sex and relationships.

  4. Provide resources for talking with children about sexual abuse, gender identity, orientation, and body image.

  5. Explore the vast implications of the personalistic norm: “The person is a good toward which the only proper and adequate attitude is love. The person is the kind of good which does not admit of use and cannot be treated as an object of use and as the means to an end.”

  6. Recover and elevate the beauty and value of the single and celibate life.

  7. Rediscover the meaning of sex, marriage and the wedding ceremony.

  8. Explore ways to connect children with God in a way that satisfies their deepest longings.

  9. Enable you to guide children to make lifelong choices that lead to flourishing.

This message is a game changer and I wish it could be more widespread..super excited to recommend your next workshop to anyone that will listen!

Workshop Format

Attend a workshop or arrange to host. Workshops offer 5 sessions with an optional 6th that may include the children in your life. Scheduling for the timing and presentation of the workshop is flexible to fit your needs.

Session 1 — Human Flourishing

Session 2 — The Meaning of the Body’s Design

Session 3 — The Meaning of Sex and Marriage

Session 4 — Marriage and Single Celibacy: Two Paths to Flourishing

Session 5 — The Way to Really Love

Session 6 — Becoming a Gift to Others (Optional session that includes children)


Each session provides talking points and family discussions as resources for your ongoing conversations with children of all ages.

Workshop Cost

Workshop cost is $10 per book. The workshop host may choose to charge a registration fee for attendees in order to cover the cost of the books. If the workshop is going to take place outside of the San Diego area, travel expenses will be the only additional cost (again, a registration fee for attendees can serve to offset the cost of the workshop). Please contact us for more information.

I’m going to incorporate these ideas into our daily and casual conversations whenever I see an opportunity. I love the discussion and key points at the end of each section.
I love what you two are doing! Changing the world most definitely!